DPchallenge magic recipe

I like it short so I wanted to try something I find funny.

1 c. audacity
8 oz. fire spirit
1 drop of water
2 TVXQ stars (not exchanged with older version, fresh)
100 kisses
5 grams of magic
1 bright smile
4 chocolate boxes
25 piano partitions

1 tattoo
1kg snow
6 red candles

Combine 1 c. audacity with 8 oz. fire spirit and 1 drop of water (if it’s your tears it might get different but better result).
Take the 2TVXQ and the 100 kisses together. Don’t drop anyone. Don’t forget to count.
Mix the 2 before and add 1 bright smile. With the 5 grams of magic and the 4 chocolate boxes you’re ready to go the party and have fun.
But before, let mix during one month with the 25 piano partitions split in 1 partition per day. The last five days add 6 red candles and powder with snow.

If too icy light the candles
May dance by itself or runaway. In that case design a dragon tattoo. It will bring your dish back anytime, right away.


I would like to thank a guy who learnt me how to smile and laugh one year ago without even knowing it. So, many thanks. ^___^


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