Why fear future?

why do people fear so much future and changes?

I always wondered why humans are so afraid of changes in their life. The answer is simple in fact from my point of view. Because it was what they were taught by people who governs them. “we will protect you. put your life in our hands. trust us.”.
During 20th century people trusted those ones. But they were betrayed so often that today they don’t believe in it anymore.

I can only speak for what is going in France. Now the government is trying to protect us from everything. “don’t eat sweets, don’t eat salty food, don’t eat this or that, don’t drink this or that, think like this, do like that, judge like us”.
A glass of wine and you’re already considered as a drunken person.
A laugh and you’re considered as a crazy person. yeah you can’t smile nor laugh alone. Incredible

I can’t accept this way of life. I want to wonder how tomorrow will be, I want to feel happiness, sadness, to cry and to laugh. I want my future to not be determined by others (even if it’s the case now because even the government is manipulated by other humans).
“one way one fate”. Thanks but no thanks. That’s not for me.

I want to use my brain to think, to decide, to create, to destroy. I want to use my heart to feel love and pains, to feel that I’m alive.
I want to be ill so my lover and family will take care of me. I want to heal to be able to work with friends, to travel and meet new people, to have fun.

Preventing is a good thing but forcing the preventions is what is called being a dictator.

I can’t agree to put my future and fate in the hands of someone else even if I’m going to die tomorrow.
I am born in a protected world, but I never asked for such a thing. I want to see this shield break in billion pieces to set everyone free. will it be better or worse? It’s up to us to make it better, but at least the wars we didn’t decide to do won’t happen.
Don’t you feel that our world is based on a spiral of continuously human’s sacrifices?

I am smiling when I hear foreigners saying “we want to be free. we want friendship, democracy” etc
You’re mistaken if you think that people are free in democracy. They have more rights yes, but to use them they still have to fight a lot and they definitly  can’t do what they want or live well with dignity until death.
By the way you don’t need to wait to be in a democracy to make friends, do you? no matter where you live you can have friends. this is up to you not to the society nor to the government.

Here in France you can live longer true, but not better. I prefer to live 30-40 years well than surviving 100 years and end up like a shit.

when you’re ill foreigners think that you’re going to be healed by the government’s money in France.
I wanted to precise that in fact it’s the money from commoners like me who are paying taxes that help you to be healed. those who are ruling the country don’t pay anything.

If you use common sense you can live well and be more free.
You can eat sweets, salty food, rich food. Only remember to eat small quantities per day (not a whole plate of chocolate).
you can drink wine or other alcohol without being drunk. Drink a little better don’t mix.
you can eat fructs and drink milk to go to toilets if you want and like. Think to eat something solid after like bread, rice, pasta.
you can eat meat, but instead of 500g per meal try to go down to 100g-200g per day.
Japanese women taught me what we in europe forgot. eat anything you like, drink anything you like, slowly to apreciate it and in small quantities.
I counted in France i am eating 2000-2500KCAL. In Japan 1000KCAL is enough. Since I came back I am always eating smaller and smaller parts. I am feeling betetr and I enjoy myself while eating.

A lot of people are saying that to lose weight you must do sport. I can assure those who can’t (I hear a voice I know since 2006 telling me if you want you can. well true except when your body is limited because it was ill during years and can’t do what your mind wish even now) or don’t have the strenght. I can’t do sports. no running for me, no sports. But… I like to dance, I like to walk, I like to sing. I am not able to do it everyday. My body won’t survive ;). But as soon as I have enough energy I am doing it because it makes me happy.
What I want to tell you. If you’re sad or if you don’t know what to do I suggest you to ask yourself what do you like to do? learning, studying, writing, swimming, dancing, go shopping with friends… discover what you like and do it. Make it simple, Make it happen for yourself.

In conclusion never think again that in France, in democracy we are free or we live well. A lot of people starve, a lot of people are broken, a lot of people are alone.
There might exist an other solution than democracy, better for us. I believe if we think about it together we can find a new way and path for everyone.

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