Asia union?

Don’t get me wrong : I precise I don’t feel any hatred towards USA.

Isn’t it ironical?
China and Russia want USA to stop messing with their affairs, Japan and South korea asked for a national army.
But still, they remain blind and keep playing USA dirty games.

I know that if all countries in asia unify their economy and work together, their crisis will fade away and they will be able to control the world.
This is the thing USA is fearing the most. This is something they don’t want to see. That’s why they divide Asia further.

For the union, I am talking only for the economy. Each country must keep its identity, its knowledge in order to improve. Don’t do the same mistakes as europe did. Put aside the differences on political, customs, beliefs parts and think together for a better way for everyone there.

It’s a beautiful dream, isn’t it? well for me it is. Asian’s countries are so similar. Koreans and Japanese will kill me for saying this but they have so much in common, so many things to share together. If only the past can stay in the past and stop this hatred loop. If korea or China will attack Japan or if Japan will attack the others, hatred will arise, revenge will come back again with no end.

Can’t really Asia live together?



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