Running away when you’re accused of wrong doings by politicals and justice?

Today, in our world, humans tend to run away and hide in order to escape reality.

Today, when they’re accused of wrong doings (taxes evasion, lies, tricks, sex, etc.) they are reacting as human’s nature says: run for yourself. . . far. really far away.
From my experience and my point of view, running away can be done for a small time span. If you know you did wrong, accept it, face it, recognize, pay and live well after. If you did wrong but it’s according with your soul, stay, face it and fight back. While paying back, give the arguments to make common people understand your choices. If you’re accused but you know you did nothing wrong, stand up and find “weapons” to defend you and fight back. I never said it was easy. I’m only saying that if you want to live in some sort of peace and love you have to face this reality.

Today, common people are waiting for the accused ones to run away. It’s so normal, so natural and usual. If you stand up, face and recognize or fight back, it will be new for them. They will remember your name forever. Because honest people are really rare in this era.

Know that this war against taxes evasion wave is only to recollect money and power for the next world war. I remain convinced that all this is related. Because, as usual, country’s governmental powers shattered and disperse, and money-gold faded away from common people, making them living in more misery. When the time will come, they will be ready to be sacrificed in a new war in order for the masters of this world to survive and go on living on our corpses.
Sad to say and sad to live but if you look into our History past, it’s always ending like that.
So don’t take it for yourself.

Stand up, list all consequences of all possibilities you have (what can happen the worst to you? Is it possible for it to happen? How can it happen? Is it ok with you if it’s going to become true? Etc), wait for the right time (you’ll feel it) and fight back or recognize your wrong doings and start anew.
No matter what, they will try to make you feel bad, lonely. Don’t believe their words. Even 1 person by your side is enough to fight the entire world if needed.
It’s not because 1 person rejects you or betrays you that everyone will do the same. Hey! I don’t say you must be naïve and forget the lesson and do the same mistakes again. I am saying that between humans who will betray you, there will be some who will be willing to help you and stand up for you.

Keep going as long as you’re alive. There are still persons you can meet and opportunities you can create. There is still hope for a bright future for you. Don’t give up. Don’t hide yourself. Your life is yours. It’s up to you to make it as you dream it will be.


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