A new year and new words

Time flies quickly. Yesterday it was christmas 2013 and today it’s already the end of january 2014.
But what amazes me the most is how people I am somehow linked to them are able to say the words I need to hear.
The words I already knew but needed to hear them from someone else.

“The weapon of a woman is not her tears but her smiles”
I can’t agree at 100%. Tears can move a man’s heart too. ^^
What made me smile while hearing this is that before 2012 I was crying a lot. One day I decided I wasn’t born to live in pain and sadness and I wanted to learn to smile and laugh. 2 years later it’s quite surprising but I am smiling nearly everyday 🙂
I found the way to be happy no matter what. And when I am sad, I am remembering the happiest moments in my life; even the few I have it’s enough to make me smile. Creating happy memories, everyone can do it. Those memories can keep us going on no matter what and make the darkness fade away from our souls.

The other words I heard and I needed to hear are from a young man. He is 8 years and half younger than me. I don’t get how he found out this. It amazed me a lot.
“People who are crying are not weaker. They were too strong for too long.” And you can add “alone struggling by themselves”.
Because those who are really crying from their heart (not fake tears), are the people who endured too many things too much without complaining or revenge.
It felt good to hear it from someone even younger than me. Thank you dear friend.

A new year began, full of surprises. A new hope arised, vanished quickly in the ocean of goals we want to reach.
A new path has opened, it’s up to us to make everything go well for us. “Make it happen”.
A little risks to take and a new life to live, I wish everyone a year full of joy and new funny adventures.


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