Eating or not eating; control it or not?

It’s up to you.

When I was a child I needed company to eat.
Now it’s quite the contrary. I am eating a lot when I am alone and few when I am with friends.

Today, because I hate not being able to move as I want, I don’t like to feel so tired, I decided to stop doing that.
Eating was always painful to me. Because I was taught that I had to eat, I often forced myself. But now I know it was a mistake.

So how to stop eating if we are not hungry?
First: is it your decision or someone else’s decision to lose weight or to begin to learn how to eat? If it’s not coming from you, if you don’t want it for you, you won’t be able to succeed it.
Why? because you need the motivation in order to control yourself during the first time. Every body needs time to adapt itself to changes. If you give up in the middle your body will remember. All bodies have good memory to what we are doing to them, be it bad or good.
So first thing first, think about your motivations and everytime you want to give up remind them to you. Write them everywhere to see it easily.

second do you know when you’re hungry?
2 years ago I couldn’t tell the differences between wanting to eat and being hungry. I stopped myself and begun to analyze my behaviour.
I was helped by a professional for the 4 first steps:
1) note everything you eat during a day. (without the quantities. you can put them later if you want. for me it was asking too much energy to try to do it. I didn’t do. I decided to count it in number of plates)

2) take everything you think you like and have a bite from each. Everytime you have a part in your mouth take the time to eat it. Let the same part be in
your mouth during 4-5 minutes while chewing it.
After this if you like the taste left in your mouth it means you like what you ate. If you don’t it means you don’t like it so don’t buy it anymore, stop eating it.
Since then I can’t eat Mc Donald nor Quick nor other fastfood. Some cakes I thought I liked I know I don’t like them in fact (kitkat being an example).
I did the same with meat, vegetables and fish and other sweets.
To erase the taste take a little of normal bread and drink water. for the smell, smell some coffee beans.

3) Once you know what you like and what you don’t like, even if it seems hard, throw away everything you don’t like. (give it to those who want if you can) begin to cook simple meals instead of buying.

4) Always take the time to eat. One bite must take nearly 2 minutes. It’s hard at the beginning but if you don’t force yourself to do it you’ll never learn to enjoy your meals.

5) avoid sandwiches. better have only bread, some fructs and a good dinner afterwards than a sandwich.

6) Help yourself to stop eating between meals: easy to say hard to do, isn’t it?
what kind of fructs do you like? replace whatever you eat by those fructs: one golden apple, one banana (better one per day, no more), 3 apricots (per day), and so on…
you don’t like fructs? do you like vegetables?
you don’t like vegetables? it’s hard here. Find something with low fat and eat small part of it.

7) Take only one plate by meal. It was hard because it meant to reduce the quantities but it’s really worth. I replaced the second plate by a small bread, a yogurt and some fructs. Later I didn’t need it anymore.

8) While eating fish and meat prefer to eat vegetables than rice, potatoes or pasta.
I am eating vegetables with meat, with fish, with rice, with potatoes, with pasta. but trying to avoid mixing them. Times to times (but rare) I am taking french fries with chicken and salada. It’s one of my favorites plates and I enjoy it. But even if I can have it everyday, I prefer vegetables because I know I’ll feel better later.
Living in France it’s hard to stop eating cheese. Even today it’s difficult for me. But I am still training. I don’t want to give up. As it’s my body, my health and my life, it’s up to me to be as I want 🙂

9) what to drink?
water of course. I drink coffee without sugar but times to times I like having my coffee with a little sweet (black chocolate is the best ^^). Trying to not overdo it, I always remind myself how good I am feeling if I don’t eat all the chocolate I have in front of me.
I drink tea without sugar. you can add lemon and if you really want it sweet better add one small spoon of honey. It’s more natural than sugar. I think.
I avoid coca (except if I ate something really bad, I am taking one normal coca as medecine :p), pepsi, 7up, fanta without problem. Sometimes I like drinking a fanta, but it’s not often at all (once every 6 months lol).
Since I am taking the time to taste everything I am eating or drinking, I found a lot of things too sweet for my taste. Oasis, pepsi, kitkat, brownies… I begun to like japanese and korean sweets because the taste is softer.

10) Once your body is used to eat less and better try to think what you like to do with it : walk, dance, run… No matter what other think about your choices, do it. It’s your choice. If you train you’ll succeed. Begin with twice per week and when feeling better and more energetic do it more often.
Remember to take rest for your body. If you push it too hard you’ll give up in the end. you and your body must like it. Not feel it as being a burden.
I like to walk and dance. ^^ I walk with friends and dance by myself because I enjoy it as well as singing. I don’t do it in front of others because I enjoy it more when I am alone. It’s only for myself ^_-
Dunno how to explain this feeling ^^

Personally I decided to give up on the bathroom scales. My clothes are telling me if I am losing weight or not. ^^
So Remember : You’ll succeed if you’re doing it for yourself and if you’re the one who decided to do it. there is no need to restrain yourself to eat what you like if you eat smaller quantities.
What everyone is saying to avoid when losing weight, if you’re eating it everyday, begin to eat it once per day, and after 2 weeks every 2 days once per day. After 2 weeks eat it once every 3 days, after 2 weeks eat it every 4 days and so on until you’ll eat it once per month or give up because in fact you don’t like what you’re eating.
I like bananas with chocolate during winter. At the beginning I ate it once per week. Now it’s less than once per month and I only take one banana. 🙂

In Japan and South Korea I was happy because I was able to calculate what I was eating everyday easily: 1000KCAL everyday was more than enough. In France I find it too hard to calculate as it’s not written everywhere. 😦

I hope my experience will help you. Yes you won’t loose weight at first, but with time you’ll see that you’ll loose and won’t win it back.

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