Like Kittens like Humans

I LOOOVVEEE cats. That’s a fact ^^


The other day, while waiting for the bus, there were 3 little kittens in a cage. 2 of them were trying to go out and one was looking at me without moving as if it knew that it was useless to fight.
Strangely I thought “Ok if I free you you’ll be free, but then what? The chances for you to die are higher than if you stay in the cage.”
And then I had an EUREKA moment if you can call it like that. Humans are living in cages too. Invisible but real cages.
And a lot of us are fighting to get out of them. While fighting a lot of humans are dying, even those who doesn’t want to leave the cage are impacted.

And now if we think about it differently. We get out of the cage. And then what? Almost everyone will die. Why? Because we are not able to live together without fighting over something. Why? Because the masters of this world taught us to do so for so long that almost all of us forgot how it was to live together. “Divide in order to reign”.

And now if I look at today’s situation. USA is accusing China that they don’t respect Human’s rights. O_o When did USA respect Human’s rights? When they are doing war in Afrika? Or when they meddle in the Russia affairs? Or when they create war in south Asia?
Before telling the others what to do in their countries, they better look at their own actions and correct them.

USA is asking Russia to settle down things in Ukraine.
Wait, wait, wait!!! Is USA in Europe? I thought that they were in Amerika. Then why interfering?
You know why? because of fears and interrests. The fears to lose the first place over the world. And the money they produce. “If you want a good economy create a good war”. they are the ones who are creating war in order to use weapon’s industry and be able to sell their weapons to their own enemies.
And after they ask their own children to go fight and sacrifice for the sake of their country. Children sacrificed by the weapons they created. What an example to give to the others!

I am not anti USA. I only find it’s a shame how the government is behaving.
We are all humans. We don’t need strangers to create more problems, tensions, difficulties where we live.

I hope one day USA will stop meddle in Europe, Asia and Afrika’s affairs.
And I hope one day Europe will stop meddle in each country’s internal affairs. Because they are not here to live what we live. So please stay out of it.

All this to say that no matter what, we will never be free and the weapons we are creating will destroy us all one day.
That won’t stop anyone from fighting but at least it has been said. é_è

After this sad article, better go look for something you find funny in order to cheer up. It’s not good to depress for that, even if it’s our reality.

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