Wars: divide or unite?

Looking at documentaries about former wars I had a strange idea.

In the past there were men and women trying to unify people thinking that IT was the way to stop war. I thought that way too.
But no one in the past succeeded. Even today we are fighting, killing each other, making useless sacrifices for us.

Then if unity is not able to stop our madnesses, what if… what if it was the complete opposite. Don’t try to unite. Try to divide further. I wonder, is there a possibility that separating us further will be able to stop wars?

… It will mean that we are really not created to live together. >_<

The question remains : what will stop us from fighting? My answer is nothing. We will always fight. Because we are blind. Because it’s what humans did since the beginning and will do until complete destruction.

Maybe there is no solution, maybe staying away is the best thing (but can we live like that all our life?).


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