Work or not ? Do it or not?

Do you know what is so hard when I am working? Doing a bad job. Killing my knowledges to execute orders even if I know it will be bad for the company.
It pisses me off so much when I am working with bad managers who ask me to detroy the system further.
It makes me cry silently, because I want to shout out aloud “I DON’T WANT!”, but can’t say anything like that out aloud.

Is it really not possible to work fully instead of restraining myself?
It seems that in France it can’t be. All the systems I studied so far are bringing down the companies. Slowly but surely.
I’m a fool. I just need to shut up and do slowly slowly what I’m asked to do… until I’ll leave this kind of job forever.

I started to think about having my own company… Definitely not in France. I can’t do it in a country where everything must go down down down.
Is Europe dying? A lot of people are thinking like that including myself.
It may be the end of us.

Is there really no hope to make things better?


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