• I don’t get: what does eternity means ?
  • O_o you’re writing it in your lyrics.
  • Because everyone is putting it in lyrics. But I don’t get the meaning. :/
  • Forever
  • -_-” Not clear.
  • Think you’ll never die. That’s forever.
  • Never to die? Yurk. >__< what a painful thought!
  • Why painful?
  • Do you imagine meeting the same persons who hurt you, betrayed you, for eternity? With same faces and characters? Yurk, yurk, yurk. I prefer to live a new life with chances that souls like those will never cross my path again, if life after death exists.
  • Yeah right. Living forever like this looks more like a hell than heaven. But humans tend to dream about eternity.
  • I’m letting them have this kind of eternity. I don’t wish to live forever in this painful world.
  • But you made your world happy.
  • And I’m glad I made it. ^___^ it was hard but it was worth changing my beliefs.
    . . . still I don’t get why humans dream to live forever. . .

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