Hotel’s “racism” in Paris

I heard the story artist Gackt displayed in Asia about meeting with racism in Paris. The Asian reactions are not surprising me at all.

At the restaurant he was put aside with other Asian people, far away from western customers.
Yes I agree. We should never treat customers like that, no matter the country or the city.
But also I don’t agree. When we are not trained to recognize customers with bad behaviour from others, what to do?

The issue in Paris from what I heard and saw is that Chinese tourists are behaving in a really bad way with material damages. Try to put yourselves in the shoes of a restaurant master who has to deal with uncontrolled Chinese people.

How will you react? How will you manage them? Because they have money they can do anything they want? if it’s the case then they should pay for the repairs, shouldn’t they?

Wait. When I’m going in any other country to visit, can I do anything I want? Is it the case in Japan? South Korea? even China? I really can do what I want?
No, I can’t and you know it. That’s the right answer.

I agree there must be other ways to manage Chinese tourists. For example with the passports, police, ect…
It’s new for Europe. That’s why they acted as they did. Maybe with time they will reflect on it and find better ways.

Japan criticizing France for unprofessional behaviour I can understand it. But Japan must also change their behaviour towards Europeans. Not all Europeans are Russians and even if they were Russians, Russians are not savages either.

I respect everyone’s work so I won’t tell my story.

I’m just asking for points of view to manage difficult customers like Chinese these days.
Because you’re so great Mister Gackt and everyone criticizing it in the world, please share your solutions with us. We are willing to listen and improve ourselves.

And we hope you’ll improve Asian too. ^__^




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