Self Interview

Self Interview to find my way, my perfect other one is not helping much ^^
me: What to do?
miss perfect: Don’t ask!
– Where to go?
– You already know.
– After first step how to do it?
– Don’t ask!
make it clear in your mind. What is your true desire? what do you really want?
No one will come take you by the hand and show you the way.
– Why not? T___T
– Obvious! So. don’t ask!
– Alone nothing can be done.
– We agree.
– Create, create, create even from the abyss.
– We still agree.
– Then, from the first place, where to go now?
– How the hell am I supposed to know? O_o
Search in all city, in all country, in the entire world. You’ll surely find. –grin–
– search… In all city… the city is HUGE already !! O_o
– no joke? How come I didn’t know it. ^__^
So what? You’ll give up?
– no way! x___x
– then don’t wait. Begin now !
– Like … right now?
– Are you going to wait for the storm or the end of the world to take the first step? è_é
– errr…. of course not.
Let’s find the way together then in this huge world *____*

I am always remembering 3 sentences when I don’t know what to do:
“In front of a situation you have infinite possibilities” : hard to find them at first. keep looking for them you’ll find what you desire
“We as humans can make the impossible possible” and that’s true for all of us.
“make it simple, make it happen”
It always put my mind in peace which helps me to see things in a different way and find different solutions. 🙂

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