Democracy, my love

… in name only.

– No, no, no. I can’t accept intimacy of that level so faaasssst. We don’t know each other yet. Do we?
– Everyone knows I am the best. You can trust me. Everything in democracy is for your security. They only have your security at best interest. Your security and safety is important.
(Remember the film enemy of state?)
– Please, I need to know you better.
– You can know me better by accepting me now. Look as those flowers are beautiful, the sky full of stars, the ocean still has some fishes. Yes look at that, concentrate only on that while I’m doing something else you don’t need to know.

In occidental countries we tend to say that democracy is saying “fuck” with flowers.
And every time I’m reading newspapers from democratic counties, I’m amazed by the hypocrisy of our democratic leaders and journalists. For me, today, democracy is the biggest illusion and lie to humanity.

I always read things like:
“Putin killed… Putin made war… Putin is a monster…”
“North Korean Kim Jong-un is crazy (says the craziest man in the world)… he’s bad… he’s the worst…”

Wake up! Have you all forgotten what USA’s presidents and governments did? How many wars they started? How many women they violated? How many human’s rights they violated? How many humans they tortured? How many humans they killed and how many they are still killing today? Did you forget, they even turned their own citizen into guinea pigs?

And why is no one asking Mr Trump to stop the development of his nuclear weapons?
Why nearly no one is talking about his new nuclear weapons, smaller and able to destroy a country faster?
Why is no one talking about democratic monsters? Trump, Macron, Merkel and the others are not the heroes in white, saving humanity. They are crushing us down. Slowly but surely.
Democracy was never the good white hero on his white horse to save your arse. Caring about you is an illusion so you’ll do what they want.

It’s true that we are not subject to be killed openly by the democratic presidents. That doesn’t mean that people don’t die and that injustice doesn’t exist.
Prison can kill people, laws can kill people, manipulation and corruption are killing people.
You don’t have to believe me. Go live 5 to 10 years in those countries. If you survive without a scratch you’re lucky.

I really prefer to have someone who will kill me straight, than having someone who will torture me, give me the illusion of liberty and kill me slowly.
How many lies are behind democracy?
How many crimes were done in the name of democracy?
Democracy is the new god governments are making war for.

A dictator will tell his people his will and everyone has to do it or else they’ll be killed. That we know. It’s clear, transparent… should I say honest?

By the way, what is USA still doing in Asia, Africa, Europe? As president Trump said “It’s not our neighborhood”. That’s true. So take your armies, industries which poison our food and air and water and earth, and take your spies with you and leave us alone! We never asked for your help. Not even during the second world war and you were the one who came when it was in your interest!

One last word on Korea’s situation. How can they compare Korea and Germany? For me it’s completely different. One may reflect on USA needs and fears and they’ll understand the difference. After all, during 50 years, the former North Korean dictator tried to unify the country several times. Strangely some reports are showing that USA interfered every time to avoid the reunification.
Where is democracy here???


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