Healthy food where are you?

The first time I came in Japan, more than 10 years ago, I ate Japanese real food made by Japanese people for Japanese customers. I lost weight in one week and never felt hungry. It wasn’t much food but it was high quality food that didn’t cost a lot and brought everything my body needed. It made me lose the useless weight rather quickly.

I came in Japan several times, but today, this year, it’s the first time I was coming back and spending more than 2 weeks to lose the overweight. Food changed. What I ate at that time, I can barely find it again.

And there are more fat Japanese people now than 3 years ago. When I say fat, it’s as fat as an American can be, eating fast food everyday all day long, or french eating pastries every day.

By the way, I never saw so many french bakeries, Italian restaurants and American fast food in Tokyo. Burger exploded. Mc Donald, KFC and even burger restaurants made by Japanese people exists everywhere. T__T Where is the healthy food I like so much?

I used images that are already online, because I’m too tired to take photos of those restaurants.



Reused image from





reused image from





reused image from





reused image from


It’s unfortunate that the young generations have forgotten the healthy food. In 10 years, I think they will regret it and the next generation will even fight it and later they will try to turn back in time. Unfortunately, it will be too late as the variety of healthy vegetables will slowly but surely disappear. As it was the case in France.


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