Japan here I come

Yay, back to Japan. no wait. Back in Tokyo yay!

Don’t ask me why I’m so happy and relieved and excited. I don’t have an answer. ^__-
I begun my new life in November 2015. I never thought to go so far. I came Here not only to be a tourist, but also to see what I can do. Yes, I am looking for a job… Something fulfilling for me. I have enough to feel empty inside. My job paid enough to live in Paris but it truly became a pain when I became a robot, in 2008. Damn, I am human! So, I decided to become human again.

I cried and laughed and met new people. I learnt tons of things about life, about myself and about Japan, its life, its people. The adventure keeps going on. ^___^
And you know what? I love it.

Beginning of may was holidays this year. Enjoy some of it. ^__^
Tokyo sky tree tower… one more time 🙂
Hakone: too many things to see in one day. Better spend one week
Shiodome garden: the entrance must be paid. It’s cheap though
Yokohama: to see everything plan to go several different days
Kamakura: full of temples. One day may not be enough to enjoy it fully.
Ueno festival: A small one but still so many people. I really enjoyed it.
Nagano: don’t mistake it with Nakano. Nakano is near Tokyo 5 minutes by metro from shinjuku. Nagano is reached by shinkansen train and is situated near mountains. The temples in the mountains are… well, really small. That surprised me as everyone is talking about big places. the one they said was the smallest I found it the best and more enjoyable.
Shizuoka: the castle has only walls as castle and they are excavating in the garden. 🙂

As usual everything was planned. The flight, the hotel and the time spent in Japan.
Everything was fine until mid may when I found myself paralysed by stress. Return to France? Impossible right now. Even looking at the airplanes made me fear. I felt so grateful to be in Tokyo. Then I understood I wasn’t ready to return to that lifeless time. The stress in me raised up until I decided to stay longer. I have a visa of 3 months. Let’s use this fully.
And now that nothing is planned anymore, the real adventures begin in a new style, new design and new way.

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