Water, air, earth (soil), plastic and our Hell

Disclaimer: the photos are not mine


We all heard that we must become ecologists and save the earth. Yes we will all be heroes. Yay!

But to become heroes we must organize and separate our bins… for the good of everyone and for the good of our planet which is our home.

That’s all beautiful, then can someone tell me why is ecology different from one country to the other?
All talk about electricity. Ok, but after that point, it differs. for example:
The top priority in France is water. Save water, save water, save water…
The top priority in some countries in Asia is plastic. Make it possible to become 0 plastic usage. An illusion, as long as the industries are producing and are using plastic.

During my trips I was invaded by plastic bags. So it’s really a problem. u_u
What about when I live in France? The plastic invaded us but nothing is really done to deal with the problem. The solution to make customers pay the plastic bags, doesn’t solve the original issue.

The plastics from our daily usage is accumulated somewhere on our land…






and if not, it’s somewhere on the ocean…








and if not, it’s an other country who has to deal with our bins (example of china).






Yes, we are all concerned. Our planet is a bin. And even we humans became trash.

In Asia, some countries have 5 different bins:
– Food,
– Plastics
– Papers
– Plastic bottles
– Cans
Metals, broken utensils, glass are treated one bag per type  and they are collected twice per month.
And the positive point from my view is that it’s in transparent bags so they can check what is inside. If it’s not, the garbage is not collected. And if one mistake is made, the garbage is still not collected.
It sure is a little hard to manage, it took me quite some days to learn, but at least they look like they really care about our planet instead of european countries and usa.

I can believe it might be possible to save this planet when some pre-requirements will be accomplished. Surely not as it is done now.
We do it all together, industrials and governments included, or not at all.

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