Japanese people and me

This year is the first time I felt rejection from Japanese people. It happened twice in the supermarket. I remained calmed and and didn’t reply nor physically nor orally.
That proves one thing. Be it French, English, American, Japanese, Russian or other nationalities, in fact we are all the same. We lurk for the same things, we fear the same things.

Abe Shinzo changed many things in Japan, making it worse as the tendency is the same as some European countries. And a lot of people feel that some Europe is disappearing. In France it’s even more visible since presidents Hollande and Macron. More misery, less resources, less rights.

To come back to Japan… There is work and Japanese jobless people. Instead of making Japanese people work, they called out a lot of foreigners. It’s one of the first step to make the country poorer.

This year I even saw that the quantity became more important than the quality. The quality was always first for them before.

In less than three years, MacDonald, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, KFC, french pastries and other fast food restaurants flourished in Tokyo at a speed I can’t believe. Replacing the quality of the eating habits by junk food is the second step to make the country poorer.
Junk food and garbage beverages will make the new generations ill, fat and depressed. This year is the first year I saw so many fat Japanese people of my age or younger. o_O

In three years the change is amazing. O_o

For example: the food. Last time it took me one week to lose my overweight. While I’m in Japan I’m eating japanese food made by japanese citizen made for japanese people. There were many good vegetables and fruits… This year though… there aren’t that many available in Tokyo and if they are, one must go look after them sometimes far far away.
It took me three weeks to have a fine body. I’m always looking after vegetables… But as I can’t cook, it became more difficult to have them in my plate.
And in the supermarkets, japanese people tend to go to occidental food instead of buying japanese food. That’s really not good from my point of view.

In some years, I bet that Japan will lose the variety of healthy food which made it so famous.
It’s the end when you destroy a country’s custom. Japan may disappear faster than our European countries as its changes are taking place too quickly.

And now my astonishing question: How much did Abe Shinzo, prime minister, sell his own country and his own people to USA’s government and industries? If he doesn’t understand it yet, he will soon understand that he even sold his own family and friends… But it will be too late if it’s not already too late.

The old japanese generations shouldn’t fear changes. Changes are taking place now, and it’s not in their best interest. Nor mine. ^_-
Is there a way to protect Japan and Japanese people from the same destruction we are living in Europe? That’s up to them. It’s their country. If they want to save they land and lives, they have to move now and change things now. The more they let the government do what they want, the more they’ll suffer and the hardest it will be to change later.


No matter the fastfoods and rejections, I still like Tokyo a lot. 🙂 Thank you very much

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