The French social system

There are still a lot of things I don’t know about our system. But…

A lot of people is dreaming about the french system. If you’re ill you have financial help, if you’re jobless you have financial help…
Stop dreaming and face reality. Sorry pals I’m going to destroy your dreams.

And when I said in my previous articles that the goal of the french government is to kill its own citizen and create more misery in France, it’s confirmed day after day by their decisions and laws.

Freedom, Rights, Comrades. Forget it. Our France is a complete mess.

For health part the reality is like this:

1) you should never go to hospitals. They are in crisis because there are not enough workers and the governments interferes and there are less places as if there are more healthy people. What a joke!
You can die in hospitals or worse become even more ill or handicapped.

2) There is a small financial help from the government called SECU. But wait.
Know the SECU is paid by worker’s taxes. No money is coming from the government pockets. All the money they have is ours, They even wasted their own financial incomes like the examples of the old affair of the highways and the new affair of the parisian’s airports.

Also please understand that if you want a good health cover you have to pay for it (and yes, it’s you who will pay for it). The health complementary cover is more and more expensive too.

Better, never be ill or if you’ll ill, learn how to heal yourself. I still go see the doctor when I don’t know what is going wrong, but I will find my own medicine to heal now. The pharmaceutical industries made me so ill that I can’t go back to trust them.

For the jobless part

When you work you pay for others but also you pay for yourself. Part of the money goes into the public company called today Pole Emploi (old ANPE).

When they decide that you don’t have any rights I can assure you that no matter what, you don’t have any rights.

Your boss is making you living a hell and you think about quitting? Well today you can do it under some conditions to receive the financial help of pole emploi. I wasn’t so lucky 2 years ago.

Here is the solution when you’re not fired. Don’t overdo it. They’ll catch you sooner or later if you cheat them.

1) Make an appointment with your doctor and ask a leave for burn out reasons. you’ll surely have to describe the situation. Tell everything, don’t hide, don’t smile. You’re not telling a joke. You don’t have to be gentle in this situation.
Today the burn out exists and is recognized. If you doctor doesn’t want to write you the leave, go see an other one. During the burn out leave you can do anything you want except work, so there should be no hours constraints written on the paper.

2) After the burn out go back to the job. At the first time your boss is picking on you again ask your doctor to go see a work psychologist. Ask a testimonial for burn out from the doctor and the psychologist. (you should have 2 letters)

3) Write your leave letter (resignation letter) and give it to your boss.
Yes you’ll have to work with the psychologist for at least 1 month, 2 or 3 times a week.
Usually it’s paid by the system. But laws change every year. So check it in your “old friend” google

4) Go to Pole emploi and after the file is opened there, ask for indemnities.
They will surely tell you that you don’t have the rights. Give the 2 testimonials to them (keep copies from those 2 with you)
You’ll surely have to explain how it was, to tell about the burn out leave (they will check it in the system normally) and the work with the psychologist.
You can even ask Pole Emploi to meet their work psychologist to make it better for your profile.

You better avoid to lie because you must tell your story several times.

The work psychologist of Pole Emploi will surely ask you too to describe your job environment. tell everything, don’t hide. And if you remember later things ask if you can send them the informations by mail.

Make sure you don’t take the pills if you’re given medicine.
Make sure to remember the name of the medicine in case they ask you at pole emploi.

So with that you have your financial support. That financial support is a big part of your monthly salary. When your rights ends naturally, you can ask for a new indemnity. Today their names are ARE (the main indemnity) and ASS (the secondary one you can ask when ARE is finished).
There are a lot of constraints to keep receiving the ARE. Be sure to have all the information.

Know that in France even if firing people is more easier nowadays, it’s still difficult to be fired when you, as an employee, desire it to happen.

Also remember the if you don’t have the ARE indemnity you won’t have any rights for daily things. The strangest example I have is the common transport RATP. No ARE? Then the transport fees will be fully at your charge.

It will be great if someone can explain me why someone who earns 0 euros per month has to pay fully the common transport when those who receive the indemnity have nothing to pay for it. >___< I still don’t get it.

Good luck everyone!

My story with pole emploi will be only written in french, because there are french people who are surely in my case.

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