A strange victory in European elections

I beg you to excuse me, my mood is dark today.

So many political parties

(hey I even saw one for dogs… really? dogs in the European seats??? waf waf (wan wan))…


English: Elections results
French: Résultat des elections

Do you know why? “Divide to better reign”
But in this time of crises and misery, the division creates more chaos and confusion and people tend to end up being more desperate and they can lose their mind to violence. Because they have nothing to lose any more.
The ruin of our society exists already thanks to the corruption and the division of common people.

I always tend to think: “give up on the political manipulations and stories, you’re losing your time and energy for nothing.”
The reality always comes back to us sooner or later. Because those politics don’t want to let us live our lives in peace. So even if I want to give up, I can’t.

The Europeans elections were done… Sigh
In France we were worried because we didn’t want LREM (party of the president Macron) to be elected. But instead of uniting ourselves, we divided and even if the victory is ours… it’s an empty success.
This victory makes me feel tired of this system and all that remains is an ash taste in the mouth. All this is another scam. Do you even know that there are people who couldn’t vote when they had the right to do it? That’s the “democracy” I can’t stand anymore

Except war, is there really nothing we can do to take back the power to govern our country from those filthy hands?

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