Google and me, the fun way (^_^)

I was living my life peace…, not so peaceful in fact, because you know, administration and politics never leave you in peace for any moment. I wondered one second if they were trying to compete with industrial ads. Dunno but they are succeeding turning a lot of lives into misery. But that’s not the subject of my post.


Unfortunately for me, recently, I had to buy a new phone. Did I already told you I like good quality items? But really where to find the quality nowadays? (:/) It’s harder and harder to find it. Don’t you agree?
I like when my clothes and things are lasting several years. 8 to 10 years at least is good for me. (^____^)


So the new phone is supposed to be french…. but to my worst surprise it’s entirely turned into google. Every application is a google application. Privacy, bye, bye.
The system is oneandroid, supposed to be stable and secure. Great? Well, since the fist day I had several problems. After the system update, it crashes at the start of the phone without any explanation. “Hey your phone just stopped. Close the message please”. Really useful to find the bug, isn’t it? (^___-)

Gladly the phone can be used even with this bug.

And then during several days it took it 15 to 30 minutes to start and let me have access to my messages. Why? But of course because google has to update automatically GooglePlay and I found out that even if I unchecked the google backup, it’s still running and doing it anyway. Well, how to put it? My messages should be above googleplay and google backup. They are more important for the user, aren’t they?


As there is no way to write reviews on the application googleplay and as  I have an issue with the application “phone”, I wrote my review on the phone page putting 1 star only.


Guess what happened! Guess what happened! No… They didn’t answer. It would have been too good.

All my reviews on googleplay disappeared. I tested so many applications and wrote so many useful tips, even for my friends and google deleted it all.


Google, your marketing image is TOP! Keep doing like this!

But in fact, I don’t care. I won’t re-write those reviews. Their action proves me that my friends and I were right about this company’s lack of humanity.


… …

Please, please, please someone or something, erase google from my entire life. (^_^)

Changing them for better? Is that even possible?

So those who don’t want a google phone, better avoid Nokia. (^__-)

Update : one week after my article, my reviews were back on googleplay. (^^)

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