Healthy food where are you?

The first time I came in Japan, more than 10 years ago, I ate Japanese real food made by Japanese people for Japanese customers. I lost weight in one week and never felt hungry. It wasn’t much food but it was high quality food that didn’t cost a lot and brought everything my body needed. It made me lose the useless weight rather quickly.

I came in Japan several times, but today, this year, it’s the first time I was coming back and spending more than 2 weeks to lose the overweight. Food changed. What I ate at that time, I can barely find it again.

And there are more fat Japanese people now than 3 years ago. When I say fat, it’s as fat as an American can be, eating fast food everyday all day long, or french eating pastries every day.

By the way, I never saw so many french bakeries, Italian restaurants and American fast food in Tokyo. Burger exploded. Mc Donald, KFC and even burger restaurants made by Japanese people exists everywhere. T__T Where is the healthy food I like so much?

I used images that are already online, because I’m too tired to take photos of those restaurants.



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It’s unfortunate that the young generations have forgotten the healthy food. In 10 years, I think they will regret it and the next generation will even fight it and later they will try to turn back in time. Unfortunately, it will be too late as the variety of healthy vegetables will slowly but surely disappear. As it was the case in France.


Democracy, my love

… in name only.

– No, no, no. I can’t accept intimacy of that level so faaasssst. We don’t know each other yet. Do we?
– Everyone knows I am the best. You can trust me. Everything in democracy is for your security. They only have your security at best interest. Your security and safety is important.
(Remember the film enemy of state?)
– Please, I need to know you better.
– You can know me better by accepting me now. Look as those flowers are beautiful, the sky full of stars, the ocean still has some fishes. Yes look at that, concentrate only on that while I’m doing something else you don’t need to know.

In occidental countries we tend to say that democracy is saying “fuck” with flowers.
And every time I’m reading newspapers from democratic counties, I’m amazed by the hypocrisy of our democratic leaders and journalists. For me, today, democracy is the biggest illusion and lie to humanity.

I always read things like:
“Putin killed… Putin made war… Putin is a monster…”
“North Korean Kim Jong-un is crazy (says the craziest man in the world)… he’s bad… he’s the worst…”

Wake up! Have you all forgotten what USA’s presidents and governments did? How many wars they started? How many women they violated? How many human’s rights they violated? How many humans they tortured? How many humans they killed and how many they are still killing today? Did you forget, they even turned their own citizen into guinea pigs?

And why is no one asking Mr Trump to stop the development of his nuclear weapons?
Why nearly no one is talking about his new nuclear weapons, smaller and able to destroy a country faster?
Why is no one talking about democratic monsters? Trump, Macron, Merkel and the others are not the heroes in white, saving humanity. They are crushing us down. Slowly but surely.
Democracy was never the good white hero on his white horse to save your arse. Caring about you is an illusion so you’ll do what they want.

It’s true that we are not subject to be killed openly by the democratic presidents. That doesn’t mean that people don’t die and that injustice doesn’t exist.
Prison can kill people, laws can kill people, manipulation and corruption are killing people.
You don’t have to believe me. Go live 5 to 10 years in those countries. If you survive without a scratch you’re lucky.

I really prefer to have someone who will kill me straight, than having someone who will torture me, give me the illusion of liberty and kill me slowly.
How many lies are behind democracy?
How many crimes were done in the name of democracy?
Democracy is the new god governments are making war for.

A dictator will tell his people his will and everyone has to do it or else they’ll be killed. That we know. It’s clear, transparent… should I say honest?

By the way, what is USA still doing in Asia, Africa, Europe? As president Trump said “It’s not our neighborhood”. That’s true. So take your armies, industries which poison our food and air and water and earth, and take your spies with you and leave us alone! We never asked for your help. Not even during the second world war and you were the one who came when it was in your interest!

One last word on Korea’s situation. How can they compare Korea and Germany? For me it’s completely different. One may reflect on USA needs and fears and they’ll understand the difference. After all, during 50 years, the former North Korean dictator tried to unify the country several times. Strangely some reports are showing that USA interfered every time to avoid the reunification.
Where is democracy here???

Quand windows update grille mon pc ?

Ma commande : windows sur un pc grillé s’il vous plait
Comme boisson ? Du feu?

Ça se mange sûrement entre 2 virus sur internet.

Un soir de septembre j’ai décidé de mettre à jour windows. Je ne le fais pas souvent. Et l’histoire qui va suivre me prouve que finalement j’ai peut être raison de me méfier de leurs « updates »…

Tout va bien ce soir là, mais je ne reste pas. A peine mis à jour j’éteins l’ordinateur pour aller me coucher. Le lendemain je démarre le pc et, je ne sais pour quelles raisons, je suis restée devant même après l’identification. D’habitude je vaque à d’autres occupations comme pas mal d’autres personnes, mais là non. Sans aucune explication logique je reste.


J’entends un bruit bizarre. Mon pc est silencieux d’habitude alors je suis intriguée. Je pose la main sur le PC. Il chauffe. Trop vite. Pourquoi ? Je ne comprends pas.
Avant la mise à jour de windows je m’étais assurée que je n’avais pas de virus. Pas juste l’anti virus qu’on conseille aux novices. Le nettoyage total des processus, des taches planifiées, des dossiers temporaires, des caches… etc car la liste est longue. Ça prend un temps fou en plus.
Et entre le nettoyage et la mise à jour je n’ai pas utilisé internet.

Donc, pour moi ce n’était pas possible que ce soit un virus.

PANIQUE A BORD ! Le pc brûle maintenant. je ne peux plus toucher la batterie longtemps sans me bruler la main.

Allô, les pompiers ? Windows met le feu chez moi !!!!

Dans l’application gestionnaire des taches tout semble normal. Bizarre… Il y a juste le processus inactif system qui carbure à 100 %. mauvais signe. S’il y a des processus inactifs, il y a un virus. C’est écrit sur quasiment tous les forums informatiques sur les virus.

Passer les taches planifiées en revue ça prend trop de temps. Le pc ne tiendra pas.

J’ai eu le réflexe d’aller dans les programmes de démarrage (programmes lancés au démarrage de la session) car il n’y en a pas beaucoup. Heureusement.
Grâce à certains virus qui ont trouvé le chemin jusqu’à mon pc et que j’ai nettoyé, je connais les programmes de démarrage par coeur. Trouver les intrus est facile et rapide.
–> Nvidia (marque de carte graphique) : ça fait quoi ça là-dedans ? O_o
–> Windowsdownsystem : c’est quoi ça ? Ça ne me dit rien qui vaille.
Quand j’ai arrêté les processus liés à ces programmes et que j’ai désactivé les 2 programmes du démarrage, le pc s’est calmé de suite. Il a mis du temps pour refroidir, mais alléluia il fonctionne, même après redémarrage. Ouf.

Ce fut la première fois que je supprimais des fichiers system de windows. Le pc n’a ni râlé ni planté depuis.

3 questions me sont venues à l’esprit :

1) Depuis quand windows met à jour les pilotes de la carte graphique ? J’ai toujours pris l’habitude de le faire quand j’en avais besoin. Pour moi windows n’a pas à toucher aux pilotes de la carte graphique.

Pire :
2) windows update se serait-il fait pirater ?

Encore pire : complot ?
3) Le pc fonctionne avec windows 8. Et malgré les relances constantes que j’ai eu j’ai refusé de passer à windows 10. Je n’y peux rien. Dès qu’on me dit tout le monde le fait, je refuse de le faire. C’est de la prudence, parce que chers consommateurs, chères consommatrices, ils nous mentent et nous prennent bien pour des cons. Je ne veux pas de windows 10. Comme je n’ai pas voulu de windows 7.
D’où ma question complot : Et si Microsoft avait décidé de faire griller tous les pc qui n’ont pas windows 10 pour justement leur faire changer de pc et les obliger à acheter un pc windows 10 ?
Mouahahahaha. je laisse ceux qui adorent les complots s’en donner à coeur joie. moi c’est fait. 😉

J’ai de la chance mon pc a survécu. Les mise à jour windows maintenant ça va être encore plus au compte goutte. Et si ça m’agace trop je passe sur Linux. NA !

Self Interview

Self Interview to find my way, my perfect other one is not helping much ^^
me: What to do?
miss perfect: Don’t ask!
– Where to go?
– You already know.
– After first step how to do it?
– Don’t ask!
make it clear in your mind. What is your true desire? what do you really want?
No one will come take you by the hand and show you the way.
– Why not? T___T
– Obvious! So. don’t ask!
– Alone nothing can be done.
– We agree.
– Create, create, create even from the abyss.
– We still agree.
– Then, from the first place, where to go now?
– How the hell am I supposed to know? O_o
Search in all city, in all country, in the entire world. You’ll surely find. –grin–
– search… In all city… the city is HUGE already !! O_o
– no joke? How come I didn’t know it. ^__^
So what? You’ll give up?
– no way! x___x
– then don’t wait. Begin now !
– Like … right now?
– Are you going to wait for the storm or the end of the world to take the first step? è_é
– errr…. of course not.
Let’s find the way together then in this huge world *____*

I am always remembering 3 sentences when I don’t know what to do:
“In front of a situation you have infinite possibilities” : hard to find them at first. keep looking for them you’ll find what is desired
“We as humans can make the impossible possible” and that’s true for all of us.
“make it simple, make it happen”
It always put my mind in peace which helps me to see things in a different way and find different solutions. 🙂

Hotel’s “racism” in Paris

I heard the story artist Gackt displayed in Asia about meeting with racism in Paris. The Asian reactions are not surprising me at all.

At the restaurant he was put aside with other Asian people, far away from western customers.
Yes I agree. We should never treat customers like that, no matter the country or the city.
But also I don’t agree. When we are not trained to recognize customers with bad behaviour from others, what to do?

The issue in Paris from what I heard and saw is that Chinese tourists are behaving in a really bad way with material damages. Try to put yourselves in the shoes of a restaurant master who has to deal with uncontrolled Chinese people.

How will you react? How will you manage them? Because they have money they can do anything they want? if it’s the case then they should pay for the repairs, shouldn’t they?

Wait. When I’m going in any other country to visit, can I do anything I want? Is it the case in Japan? South Korea? even China? I really can do what I want?
No, I can’t and you know it. That’s the right answer.

I agree there must be other ways to manage Chinese tourists. For example with the passports, police, ect…
It’s new for Europe. That’s why they acted as they did. Maybe with time they will reflect on it and find better ways.

Japan criticizing France for unprofessional behaviour I can understand it. But Japan must also change their behaviour towards Europeans. Not all Europeans are Russians and even if they were Russians, Russians are not savages either.

I respect everyone’s work so I won’t tell my story.

I’m just asking for points of view to manage difficult customers like Chinese these days.
Because you’re so great Mister Gackt and everyone criticizing it in the world, please share your solutions with us. We are willing to listen and improve ourselves.

And we hope you’ll improve Asian too. ^__^




  • I don’t get: what does eternity means ?
  • O_o you’re writing it in your lyrics.
  • Because everyone is putting it in lyrics. But I don’t get the meaning. :/
  • Forever
  • -_-” Not clear.
  • Think you’ll never die. That’s forever.
  • Never to die? Yurk. >__< what a painful thought!
  • Why painful?
  • Do you imagine meeting the same persons who hurt you, betrayed you, for eternity? With same faces and characters? Yurk, yurk, yurk. I prefer to live a new life with chances that souls like those will never cross my path again, if life after death exists.
  • Yeah right. Living forever like this looks more like a hell than heaven. But humans tend to dream about eternity.
  • I’m letting them have this kind of eternity. I don’t wish to live forever in this painful world.
  • But you made your world happy.
  • And I’m glad I made it. ^___^ it was hard but it was worth changing my beliefs.
    . . . still I don’t get why humans dream to live forever. . .

Work or not ? Do it or not?

Do you know what is so hard when I am working? Doing a bad job. Killing my knowledges to execute orders even if I know it will be bad for the company.
It pisses me off so much when I am working with bad managers who ask me to detroy the system further.
It makes me cry silently, because I want to shout out aloud “I DON’T WANT!”, but can’t say anything like that out aloud.

Is it really not possible to work fully instead of restraining myself?
It seems that in France it can’t be. All the systems I studied so far are bringing down the companies. Slowly but surely.
I’m a fool. I just need to shut up and do slowly slowly what I’m asked to do… until I’ll leave this kind of job forever.

I started to think about having my own company… Definitely not in France. I can’t do it in a country where everything must go down down down.
Is Europe dying? A lot of people are thinking like that including myself.
It may be the end of us.

Is there really no hope to make things better?

Les 10 commandements du développeur

Le temps passe à une vitesse époustouflante. Cela prouve que je n’ai pas le temps de m’ennuyer.


Voilà ce que j’ai reçu et que je n’applique pas. je devrais appliquer et me prendre moins la tête ^__^, pas vrai?

“Les 10 Commandements du Développeur


Commandement n° 1 :
Des Bugs tu ne t’inquièteras pas. Les bugs dans votre logiciel sont actuellement des fonctionnalités particulières. »

Commandement n° 2 :
Corriger le problème tu ne feras pas. Vos utilisateurs auront plus de chance de gagner au loto que de tomber encore sur ce bug »

Commandement n° 3 :
Le traitement des erreurs tu ne gèreras pas.
La gestion des erreurs ne signifie quelque chose que pour les gens enclins aux erreurs.
Ni vous-même ni vos utilisateurs ne sont enclins à faire des erreurs.

Commandement n° 4 :
Des restrictions, tu n’imposeras pas. Laisser l’utilisateur entrer n’importe quoi comme donnée, n’importe où, n’importe quand, c’est ce que l’on appelle être TRÈS convivial. »

Commandement n° 5 :
Des optimisations tu n’envisageras pas. Les utilisateurs seront reconnaissants d’obtenir une information quelle qu’elle soit. Ils ne s’inquiètent ni de la vitesse, ni de l’efficacité. »

Commandement n° 6 :
Une aide contextuelle tu ne fourniras pas. Si un utilisateur n’est pas capable d’utiliser seul votre programme, il est trop abruti pour mériter votre programme de toute façon. »

Commandement n° 7 :
Une documentation tu ne rédigeras pas. La documentation ne sert qu’à annoncer de futures modifications. Comme votre programme est parfait dès la première version, il n’aura jamais besoin d’être modifié. »

Commandement n° 8 :
Une date-butoir tu ne fixeras pas. Seuls les patrons ou les très mignonnes utilisatrices ont besoin d’un programme dans les temps. »

Commandement n° 9 :
Votre interprétation des spécifications tu ne réviseras pas. Votre interprétation est toujours correcte. Vous connaissez les besoins des utilisateurs mieux qu’eux. »

Commandement n° 10 :
Votre Code tu ne partageras pas. Si des programmeurs ont besoin d’une partie de votre code, ils n’auront qu’à l’écrire eux-mêmes. »”
A lire, relire et s’en souvenir.

Wars: divide or unite?

Looking at documentaries about former wars I had a strange idea.

In the past there were men and women trying to unify people thinking that IT was the way to stop war. I thought that way too.
But no one in the past succeeded. Even today we are fighting, killing each other, making useless sacrifices for us.

Then if unity is not able to stop our madnesses, what if… what if it was the complete opposite. Don’t try to unite. Try to divide further. I wonder, is there a possibility that separating us further will be able to stop wars?

… It will mean that we are really not created to live together. >_<

The question remains : what will stop us from fighting? My answer is nothing. We will always fight. Because we are blind. Because it’s what humans did since the beginning and will do until complete destruction.

Maybe there is no solution, maybe staying away is the best thing (but can we live like that all our life?).

Like Kittens like Humans

I LOOOVVEEE cats. That’s a fact ^^


The other day, while waiting for the bus, there were 3 little kittens in a cage. 2 of them were trying to go out and one was looking at me without moving as if it knew that it was useless to fight.
Strangely I thought “Ok if I free you you’ll be free, but then what? The chances for you to die are higher than if you stay in the cage.”
And then I had an EUREKA moment if you can call it like that. Humans are living in cages too. Invisible but real cages.
And a lot of us are fighting to get out of them. While fighting a lot of humans are dying, even those who doesn’t want to leave the cage are impacted.

And now if we think about it differently. We get out of the cage. And then what? Almost everyone will die. Why? Because we are not able to live together without fighting over something. Why? Because the masters of this world taught us to do so for so long that almost all of us forgot how it was to live together. “Divide in order to reign”.

And now if I look at today’s situation. USA is accusing China that they don’t respect Human’s rights. O_o When did USA respect Human’s rights? When they are doing war in Afrika? Or when they meddle in the Russia affairs? Or when they create war in south Asia?
Before telling the others what to do in their countries, they better look at their own actions and correct them.

USA is asking Russia to settle down things in Ukraine.
Wait, wait, wait!!! Is USA in Europe? I thought that they were in Amerika. Then why interfering?
You know why? because of fears and interrests. The fears to lose the first place over the world. And the money they produce. “If you want a good economy create a good war”. they are the ones who are creating war in order to use weapon’s industry and be able to sell their weapons to their own enemies.
And after they ask their own children to go fight and sacrifice for the sake of their country. Children sacrificed by the weapons they created. What an example to give to the others!

I am not anti USA. I only find it’s a shame how the government is behaving.
We are all humans. We don’t need strangers to create more problems, tensions, difficulties where we live.

I hope one day USA will stop meddle in Europe, Asia and Afrika’s affairs.
And I hope one day Europe will stop meddle in each country’s internal affairs. Because they are not here to live what we live. So please stay out of it.

All this to say that no matter what, we will never be free and the weapons we are creating will destroy us all one day.
That won’t stop anyone from fighting but at least it has been said. é_è

After this sad article, better go look for something you find funny in order to cheer up. It’s not good to depress for that, even if it’s our reality.